$500bn OF AUM WITHIN THE WORLDS LEADING Asset owners, pension plans, fund managers and insurance companies rely on Matrix SOFTWARE.

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Clients in the case studies below range in size from approx $30B  AUM to in excess of $100B AUM

employee / state government fund

Investment style: Long term manager of managers

Users of Matrix: Investment implementation and front office teams

Systems landscape: Excel, local custodian, alternative investments database, Bloomberg terminals

Challenges: Required a solid data foundation to support the implementation of key strategic initiatives including enhanced reporting, risk analysis and asset allocation.

Solution: Matrix was chosen to support the implementation of strategic data and exposure management initiatives.

  • Capture and warehouse daily snapshots of all investment positions including alternative investment characteristics

  • Classification of exposures to align with multi-tier investment policy groupings

  • Capture and warehouse policy & asset allocation targets

Time to market: 12 weeks


Investment style: Long term manager of managers with dynamic asset allocation 

Users of Matrix: Exposure Management, Investment Strategy, Data Management, internal investment teams

Challenges: Required granular exposure analysis and a robust asset allocation capability in order to support the proposed dynamic asset allocation strategy.

Solution: Matrix was implemented to support the granular exposure analysis and investment data storage required and integrated with Bloomberg AIM to deliver a robust asset allocation and trading solution.

  • Classification & aggregation of exposures to align with active asset allocation targets

  • Capture & warehouse daily snapshots of investment positions

  • Warehouse used for internal reporting by investment team and interfaced with multiple front office investment and risk systems including Bloomberg AIM, Bloomberg PORT, MSCI Barra

Time to market: 12 weeks for phase 1

financial services firm 

Funds management, Insurance, Wealth management

Investment style: Significant internal investment capability coupled with a very large range of products, diversified funds and manager of manager offerings. 

Solution: Matrix was chosen to support the implementation of several large complex operational transitions required to meet regulatory compliance obligations. The transitions were implemented over the course of three years and involved large scale in-specie asset transfers together with tax impact analysis and tax parcel transfers to ensure the best possible investor outcomes. 

employee / state government fund

Investment style: Long term manager of managers with internal management of some asset classes

Solution: Matrix was implemented to create a data management platform and a rebalancing/AA solution for the entire organization – sample solutions include:

  • Validating and calculating performance data to check numbers received from custodian

  • Rebalancing/AA solution to handle complex daily cashflow workflows across multiple entities

  • Creating a central warehouse for all data that is cleansed and validated

 Time to deliver: 8 weeks for phase 1