Matrix chairs panel at Investment Data Technology Summit

Sydney, London, New York – 14 August 2018 - Matrix, the leading front office data management platform specialist chaired the “Data Management in Practice” session at the Investment Data and Technology Summit in Sydney -

The key points from the session were:

-      Gartner estimate that 60% of all data projects fail – recently stated that the real number could be 85% of all data projects fail to meet their objectives. We believe 85% is a more accurate number.

-      There is nothing new about data management, there have been countless projects tackling this challenge since before computers where invented. The large vendors in the space are at least 15 years old – so why the failed projects then?

-      Focus on business outcomes not technology “shiny things”

-      Do proper due diligence on the vendors you are looking to use. There are multiple factors ensuring a successful project and the vendor, the people they are using to implement, and your organisational culture are key aspects to a successful project.

Matt Levy