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Matrix solves the real reasons organisations look to buy a data management platform. Master data management (securities, funds etc.) is important, but in and of itself provides no insight into the dynamic, structural and relationship-oriented information required to solve the real challenges firms face in areas such as asset allocation, exposure analysis, and product profitability.

Our platform solves the most difficult data challenges facing organisations. Matrix gives deep insight into all sources of data. The platform empowers users to understand, make decisions and take action in a transparent, fully audited environment.

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The foundation of the platform is a unique algorithm that structures data during the processing phase of the data management lifecycle (integration, validation, linking, distribution, exception management). This structuring enables a range of solutions to be implemented on the core platform.


Our philosophy is to be data and system agnostic. We provide a wide range of predefined adapters to industry standard systems. Should we not have an adapter off the shelf we are happy to build one. Below are the types of adapters we currently support

  • Custodians

  • OMS & PMS systems

  • Back Office systems

  • Market data vendors

  • Data warehouse vendors

  • Performance and attribution systems