$500bn OF AUM WITHIN THE WORLDS LEADING Asset owners, pension plans, fund managers and insurance companies rely on Matrix SOFTWARE.

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Matrix software simplifies the management of the complex, multi-level investment and product structures that underpin retirement savings, insurance and asset management businesses. The platform empowers firms to understand everything from the true nature of the exposures within funds to the indirect fees borne by investors and the impact of investment re-structuring decisions.

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The solution enables firms to analyse and aggregate exposures at any level and using a wide variety of factors or classification schemes. The key to the success of the platform is:

  • Enables complete “look through” across public, private, infrastructure and derivative assets in one platform.

  • Creates granular decomposition of the complex investment structures that underpin many retirement savings, investment and insurance businesses or sovereign wealth funds.

  • Enables users to quickly slice and dice complex funds or products as easily as individual portfolios. Typical examples include counterparty, currency, asset class, credit and factor exposure analysis.


The Matrix rebalancing solution is designed to:

  • Automate the cash allocation and rebalancing process.

  • Address the practical challenges associated with implementing asset allocation policy decisions whilst dealing with operational cashflows and funding requirements, market movements and lags in the availability of key pricing information.

  • The solution is transparent, fully audited and designed from the ground up to provide the flexibility to manage exposures free from the operational constraints imposed by back-office accounting processing cycles and pricing structures.

EDM solution

EDM features of the platform include:

  • Securities processing - matching and merging security data from multiple sources is a common challenge. Matrix provides functionality designed to deal with the problem

  • Data testing and quality assurance - Matrix provides a framework that allows user-defined data quality "tests" to be performed on any aspect of the data held

  • Data loading and distribution to all major providers and vendors - complete modules for all adapters stored in Git

  • Complete audit and lineage - best in class audit and lineage capability enabling traceability for every element of data and the rules associated with the data throughout the platform. This functionality is seamlessly integrated across the ODS and the DW.

  • Modularity and extensibility - Matrix is modular and designed to be extended in such a way that clean separation is maintained between base components and client-specific functionality

  • Deploy only those features required for a particular implementation avoiding the bloat associated with one-size-fits all investment data solutions

  • Includes an extensible set of base schemas and functionality designed to address many of the challenges typically faced when dealing with investment data but steers clear of trying to pre-emptively model "everything".

  • Modelling investment hierarchies - Matrix includes a specialised component (the ownership modeller) designed to deal with ownership hierarchies and to look through layers of inter-funding

  • Classification - meaningful insights typically require data to be classified in a variety of ways. Matrix provides a flexible, rules-based classifier that can be used to classify investments in useful ways with a minimum of operational overhead

Regulatory reporting & compliance

New regulations and changing compliance mandates have become the norm in our industry. Our platform delivers the information analysis and reporting capability that enables firms to rapidly respond to these regulations. Matrix is able to analyse multiple data sets both vertically and horizontally looking through relationships to reveal the data required to meet your reporting requirements.

Investment & product intelligence

This solution enables firms to understand the:

  • Structure and complexity of the products they offer.

  • Revenue generated and costs incurred.

  • Analyse complex inter funding structures and dependencies.

The solution includes executive dashboards, investment look-through reporting and product knowledge / look-above reporting.